Valentine Roses: romantic, beautiful and affordable

Roses have always been associated with romance, love, and affections. Traditionally, roses were the preferred bloom for weddings and for Valentine’s Day. For example, Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated her wedding to Michael Douglas with over 20,000 cream-colored cabbage roses while Carmen Electra chose to carry a nosegay of burgundy and blood colored roses for her wedding. To date, giving a man or a woman a single red rose signifies romantic interest or love. Nowadays, giving your partner or your loved one a bunch of red or colored roses on Valentine’s Day is de rigueur and almost mandatory.

Top varieties of valentine roses

Almost every variety of rose is beautiful to look at and wonderfully fragrant. However, horticulturists have come up with beautiful and unique varieties that are truly exquisite to look at. Of course, these rare and exotic varieties will cost much more but they are really worth the expense.

The most popular exotic valentine roses include the following:

  • Miniature roses are tiny roses perfect in shape but smaller in size. These roses are great as valentine roses as several blooms can be packed into a small but compact arrangement. These roses are usually hand-reared in a greenhouse and they come in a range of colors and fragrances.
  • Spray roses are truly exquisite. Traditionally each stem carries a single full rose but it is surrounded by several tiny rose heads that will bloom over time resulting in a small spray of roses. These roses are hand-grown and they are very beautiful in small arrangements. However, the range of colors is quite limited ranging from cream to very pale pink.
  • We personally love floribundas simply because you get so much variety, color and size in a single variety of rose. Try the French Lace, Day Breaker and Betty Boop to get an idea of these beautiful blooms.

Colors for valentine roses

Red has always been the primary choice for Valentines Day but the actual tint of red will vary considerably. For example, spray roses will have a slight pinkish tinge while floribundas will have a range of red and pink shades in the same flower. For the darkest red tint, garden roses are the best as the blooms are the largest and the flowers actually have a blood red, velvety tint. If you cannot find red flowers, you can just as easily gift pink, white and pink, or color-clusters to have the best effects.

Real vs. Fake

It’s a new world and some people want to be eco-conscious and considerate in their valentine roses. Florists do keep fake silk roses which have the same visual impact of real roses but not the emotional significance of real flowers. We don’t recommend fake roses but if you insist on being ‘green’ you can find ethical florists on the internet. Ethical florists buy their flowers from organic flower cultivators who do not use pesticides or chemicals on their flowers. Ethical florists also donate a part of the flower proceeds towards making the world a better and greener place to live in. Make sure that the florist sells valentine roses that are organic or eco-certified.

It’s quite easy to forget about Valentines Day and florists usually run out of roses due to the high demand. Some people then rush to the local florist and then buy whatever is available as a consolation for their loved ones. In that case, you will have a very angry partner threatening divorce if you forget to gift them their valentine roses. Don’t leave things to chance. Find a reliable online florist and make sure that they have standing instructions to deliver valentine roses to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

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