How to choose new baby flowers for newborns?

Caring for a newborn can be very stressful. Late nights, frequent feeds, a whole new world of medication, feeding bottles, sterilization procedures, diapers and a delicate new baby who is completely dependant on the parents can create a world of stress. Gifting brightly-colored cheerful flowers in a soothing fragrance could instantly provide a mood boost to the new mother while making both parents feel loved and cared for. But is there a protocol while gifting flowers for a newborn? Are there any particular flowers that are supposed to be gifted? Let’s find out

Step no 1 – Is it a boy or a girl?

Traditionally, visitors bring pink or red flower for female babies and baby blue and yellow flowers for boys. For twins, a mixture of pink and blue flowers if there are boy and girl babies is considered ideal. However, nowadays, there is no particular rule or formality that is followed. You are free to gift multicolored flowers too as they are really attractive. For example, most modern florists now prepare multi-colored new baby flowers posy that will contain gerberas, lilacs, ruscus etc which are ideal. However, it is not advisable to send flowers to a premature or sick baby.

Step no 2 – Choose reusable novelty containers

Babies love brightly colored toys. When you are gifting flowers to the parents, it’s only appropriate to get something for the new baby. Most florists now provide beautiful hardy vases that can easily be turned into toys. For example, florists provide large brilliantly colored mobiles, cars, teddy bears, bath toys and ducks, boats and ships that are ideal as temporary flower containers. These can easily be converted into toys and they are reusable too. Try to avoid gifting delicate glass vases which are very dangerous in a hospital setting. Moreover, hospital staff does not have time to change the water in glass vases and there is a very good chance that the glass vase will spill water on medical equipment, on the baby or on the floor. Not a good idea, at all!

Step no 3 – Choose flowers that soothe and calm

The flowers are primarily to soothe and refresh the mood of the parents. Harvard researchers have noted that flowers are the best way to boost the mood of new mothers. Brightly colored flowers with a soothing scent can improve the moods of the new parents, reduce stress levels, improve healing after a difficult delivery and actually reduce the chances of a dangerous post-partum depression. Traditionally, flowers were picked according to the gender of the baby but feel free to pick vividly colored African daisies, brightly colored roses and carnations, large chrysanthemums or other tropical flowers that can bring a smile to the face of the new parents.

Step no 4 – Provide accessory gifts

New parents are overjoyed but they are also completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into taking care of a baby. The very first week can be very difficult. If you could not send flowers to the hospital, send flowers home. Always combine the flowers with a small baby hamper of essentials. Most florists will have these items in the form of a hamper with them or you can buy the hamper separately and then ask the florist to deliver it with the flowers. Combine flower arrangements with Pamper Hampers filled with diapers, diaper cakes made by layering diapers one on top of another, baby clothing, a voucher for a baby diaper service etc as these can be very helpful to the new parents.

Ideally, a newborn flower arrangement should have something for the mother, the father and the baby as they are a new family now. Rest assured, no matter what kind of flower you choose, it will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.