Impress Your Loved One With The Best Anniversary Flowers Ever

Wedding anniversaries are special. You are celebrating an event which has special significance for you and every year, you want the event to be special. Some people gift toys, jewelry or even cards but flowers carry a special meaning and they are actually the best gift for any wedding anniversary. We’ve compiled a list of anniversaries and the type of anniversary flowers that are best for them. Do take a look.

1st anniversary – Most people celebrate their first wedding anniversary in a very grand way. The first year of marriage in particular is very difficult and most couples struggle to find a common ground. As a result, the first anniversary is commonly referred to as the paper anniversary or the clock anniversary. Traditionalists recommend the use of orange or yellow flowers on the first wedding anniversary. The color signifies desire and commitment of the married couple towards each other. Ideally, pansies are the best for the first wedding anniversary but orange or yellow roses will do as well.

2nd anniversary – By the second anniversary, most couples are well settled and they know each other well. At the same time, a little boredom might have crept into the marriage. For your loved one, try gifting red flowers like roses that are combined with neutral flowers. An elegant romantic arrangement in a beautiful glass vase would be ideal. The anniversary is also symbolized with cotton or china gift items so you a beautiful china vase or a glass vase would be beautiful.

3rd anniversary – The third anniversary is symbolized by leather or crystal. Try gifting your loved one a single Singapore orchid in a jade jar. The orchid is an eternal symbol of love, beauty, refinement, and the Chinese symbol for many children. For your third wedding anniversary, a beautiful green or white-green orchid would be ideal. To add significance to the event, you can also combine the flower with a leather purse or shoes.

4th anniversary – By the fourth anniversary, a married couple is comfortable with each other. They are now committed to the relationship and this reflects in the loving relationship that has developed. As a result, the fourth wedding anniversary is commonly referred to as the Flower Anniversary. Any type of flower would be ideal at this anniversary but we suggest a combination of beautiful seasonal or tropical blooms colored blue or green.

5th anniversary – This anniversary is referred to as the wood anniversary as the couple is usually committed to each other by this time. You can choose beautiful flowers like lilies colored a bright pink, blue or white. Calla lilles are the best and they are traditionally gifted on five year anniversaries.

Most people prefer to celebrate their 7th, 8th and 9th anniversary as low key events but we do recommend that you gift your loved one anniversary flowers like roses for these anniversaries. Roses are romantic and they indicate a deepening affection for the opposing flowers. To indicate your love and affection and commitment, you can ask the florist to combine roses with ambrosia which indicates that the love is reciprocated, the aster which indicates love and daintiness, pink carnations and ivy to indicate your commitment and love. If you aren’t sure about the exact flowers to choose, we suggest you get in touch with an experience florist who will choose flowers according to sun signs, the month of the anniversary, the flower and the personality of your loved one.